10 Signs You Should Invest In A New Website

Do you like your competitors website better than yours?

Truth is, if you haven’t updated your website in the last 3 years, you’re way behind.

Most likely if it’s time for a new website, you know. But if you're unsure, this list is for you.

Here are 10 signs you should invest in a new website.

#1 You don’t have one

With more than 3 billion internet users performing over 3.5 billion searches a day, this is a no brainer.

It’s estimated that global e-commerce brings in over 1 million dollars every 30 seconds.

1.5 million business are reported to have generated revenue just from Google searches.

If you are not online, you could be missing out on a lot of potential leads, revenue and connections.

#2 It doesn’t convert

To put it simply, if your website doesn’t convert, it doesn’t work.

Conversion is about more than just profit and sales.

Check out the article “How to get more website conversions and increase sales” for more on the topic of successful conversions.

To boil it down to one sentence, if your website isn’t taking it’s visitors from one point in the sales funnel to the next logical step, there’s a problem.

Your website is more than just a large-scale billboard. It’s a tool. One that should be working for you 24 hours a day.

#3 It’s difficult to navigate

Navigation is all about how users get from one page to the next.

If you make this process difficult, the next page they visit most likely will not be yours.

People are looking for information and they want to be able to find it quickly and easily.

Poor navigation inhibits users from finding what they need when they need it.

If your most important information is buried, users won't take the time to find it. And if you’re banking on that information making the sale, you’ve really lost.

#4 It’s a one sided conversation

This may seem a little counter intuitive. I mean your website is about you and your products/services right?


Individuals coming to your website are searching for solutions. They are seeking to meet their wants and needs.

If your website simply blasts visitors with messages all about you and never seeks to solve their problems. You’ve got the problem.

Simple things like contact forms, checkouts or open comments will allow users to feel as though they are heard.

This may not guarantee a sale but it goes a long way in connecting with your customers.

#5 It doesn’t have a blog

Did you know 16% of Google’s search results return articles?

Shoppers are seeking to make more informed purchasing decisions.

This is where the concept of content marketing comes into play.

Content marketing, in it’s simplest form, is a marketing tactic in which you provide great content that in turn converts visitors into loyal, lifelong customers.

We’ll discuss content marketing in greater detail in future articles.

#6 It’s outdated visually

While this may not seem all that important, a visually outdated website says a lot about your company.

Beyond the look of your site, the way in which people consume media has changed.

People want to consume information quickly and therefore text heavy websites no longer hold appeal.

Modern websites trim the fat and offer only the most essential text needed. They are then supplemented by stunning visuals and interactive elements.

#7 It’s outdated technically

Even the most beautiful of websites can still suffer greatly from outdated technology.

The advancement of JavaScript has brought about new technologies such as Angular.js, Node.js and many others.

These advancements have transformed the way site visitors interact with our websites.

The growing world of content management systems has revolutionized how site owners interact with their own website.

Static web pages that offer zero interaction and use outdated technology are unappealing and unsecure.

#8 It’s not responsive

We are a mobile society and the internet is on the go right along with us.

Browsing the web no longer requires you being at home strapped to a computer.

There are 184.2 Million smartphone users in the United States alone. And they are making purchases, finding locations and surfing the web all from the palm of their hand.

Non mobile friendly websites are not only a nightmare to operate from a handheld device, but Google now factors mobile friendliness into a website's quality score.

Websites not optimised for mobile tend to have longer load times, harder navigation, small text sizes and the dreaded horizontal scroll. All of these factors encourage mobile users to navigate away and to never come back.

#9 It’s Flash based

This really could have gone into the section on using outdated technology to build a website, but it's a big enough issue that it deserved its own listing.

Flash once dominated the web. So many great animations and moving parts. But that era is over.

With the rise of HTML5, CSS3 and newer emerging JavaScript plugins, Flash has become obsolete.

Many search engines lack the capabilities to even index these sites, rendering them virtually invisible to most search engines.

With the technology available to us today, Flash is just unnecessary and harmful to your search results.

Websites should be replacing Flash with newer, more effective web technologies.

#10 Your search engine rank is dropping… fast!

Older websites tend to be non compliant with current search engine ranking criteria.

If criteria changes and your website does not you may find yourself plummeting from the coveted "first slot" to "nowhere to be found".

Several of the above mentioned items are not only for customer experience. Many of them also affect your search rank.

If you start to see your rank drop quickly, you need to evaluate your current website and decide, does this need updated or does this need overhauled?


This is by no means the complete list of reasons to invest in a new website.

We’ve only scratched the surface, but it's a good start.

What are some other reasons you believe constitute a website overhaul? Let us know in the comments below.