5 Simple Web Design Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t:  Design your website around your logo.

Your logo maybe be complicated, contain a lot of colors, or just plain not web friendly.

Do: Design your logo for your website.

If you don’t have a logo yet, great! Design it with both the web & print in mind. If you do that’s ok too! However, you may want to re-evaluate it and make it web ready!  You can do that here http://archboardmedia.com/news/logo-design-how-get-website-ready


Don’t: Want your website to look exactly like another.

It is fine to want to be like another site. But the web is all about standing out, if your site is too similar to another it might get passed over.

Do: Take inspiration from other websites.

This is what web design is all about. Take all the good and functional things that you like and that will be good for your website and implement them. Implement them in ways that work for you, making your site your own!


Don’t: Use too many fonts.

Just don’t. Using too many will make your website hard to read and not cohesive / consistent.

Do: Use 1 or 2 great fonts instead.

If you have never used Google fonts ( if you are designing for the web most likely you have), go use Google fonts. There are a ton of great fonts and a ton of them that pair well together. It is easy to find 1, 2 or maybe 3 fonts to make a killer website.


Don’t: Forget about the content.

Yes everyone now of days wants visuals & simplicity. You can have that, but it should never come at the cost of lost content.

Do: Make the content look cool.

You don’t have to have giant paragraphs of text, but you do need meaningful content. Content that will enhance the usability of your site. Create great headings and content then spice them up with awesome visual elements.


Don’t: Follow was is “In right now”.

Ask yourself is it in for me? What is in might not fit what your website is trying to do. And you might end up constraining your site/design unnecessarily.

Do: Follow what makes your website better.

Update your website accordingly. Are you in a certain industry? See what other people are doing. Or wait a bit and see which trends stick around. Follow what is on brand for you and works for your users.