5 Things Your Website is Missing That's Costing You Big Time

2016 brought about a major push in SEO, content marketing and lead generation. Tools like Leadpages, Facebook Advertising and countless other platforms took the forefront and everyone became their own marketing specialist.

While these tools have drastically simplified the process of customer acquisition I must ask the vital question, “Have you been paying attention to your website?”

We’ve gone out of our way to craft unique ideas to bring warmer and warmer leads to our websites. However, if our websites lack what these leads desire or the information is too difficult to find, we’ve wasted time, energy and vital resources.

So to correct this issue let’s take a look at 5 simple things your website may be missing that could be costing you big time.

1. Simple Navigation

If I lose something important to me I will spend as much time as needed to find it.

The same cannot be said about the information on your website.

The problems your site visitors have are real. They may need a plumber, a bakery or a financial planner.

These same visitors have found themselves on your site to potentially solve those problems.

We must realize, while we may have the solution that they are looking for, we are not the only businesses in existence that does.

A quick Google search of bakeries within 10 minutes of my home brought up 40 different options. That’s 40 potential solutions to my problem.

Here’s the catch.

People will search hard for their solutions. They will research, shop around and compare prices. However, they will not search hard for your solutions.

If the content they need, pricing, past work, testimonials or contact information are buried and difficult to find, then they will not keep searching.

Navigation to the important pieces of you website must be simple and intuitive.

If you are using a flat rate pricing system, let me see it. If you’re not let me know that you do your pricing on a quote system.

Remember our goal is to reduce the barrier to purchase, not to increase it.

Great website navigation to great/beneficial content on your website is step one in lowering the barrier.

Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

2. Contact Information

I absolutely hate it when I need to contact a business and their website doesn’t give me that ability.

As I mentioned above, your goal is to reduce the barrier to purchase for every potential customer who visits your website.

Having reliable contact information, clearly visible on your site can greatly reduce this barrier to purchase.

Notice I said reliable.

If you have inactive, or incorrect, contact information on your website it can do a lot more harm than you might think.

If I call your business and get the residence of a sweet old lady, I’m going to assume you do not care about your business enough to make sure your information is correct.

If your information is incorrect, how careful are you going to be when providing services to me? Or if I’m buying a product, of what quality will it be if you don’t take yourself seriously enough to get the information right.

Secondly, this information needs to be clearly presented, especially in situations where contacting your business is a vital piece in the sales funnel.

While that may be a no brainer, this may not. Giving potential clients the ability to contact you makes you feel “real” to them.

It makes them feel as though there is a real person on the other end of your website.

Finally, it gives them the ability to contact you and ask the very important questions they may have which, are at the moment, the the key to unlocking a potential sale.

3. Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are a powerful tool in the sales process.

The concept here is to offer valuable content in exchange for an email address.

This exchange then grants you permission to email this person and offer more and more valuable content, including your products and services.

You can read all about the power of lead magnets in an article which I’ve written here.

We won't dive into the concepts of Lead Magnets here, but we will discuss why you should have them.

Lead Magnets offer you the ability to capture warmer leads who, by signing up for your particular offering, are at a defined point in your sales funnel.

If your Lead Magnet properly identifies a pain point in which your products or services can solve and a visitor signs up to receive it, you know that they are in need of the products and services you have to offer.

Lead Magnets are an extremely beneficial tool that you should be leveraging on your site for marketing success.

4. Functional Design

Along with simple and intuitive website navigations comes functional design.

Functional design is all about creating a website that is more than just visually appealing.

It’s about creating a website that guides and directs users to the most valuable content that has  the highest likelihood of helping them solve their problems.

Functional designs to not get bottlenecked due to design choices.

If the design itself is hindering the user's experience on your site, then you do not have functional design. You have a pretty website.

A beautiful website that converts its visitors at 0% is of absolutely no use to you at all. And in some cases could potentially be costing you big time.

5. Revolving Content

Revolving content is all about having fresh, new content on your website.

Revolving typically takes the form of a blog, however this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Regularly updated testimonials, events, etc can all be used as revolving content.

Revolving content benefits you in two major ways.

First, search engines love content. The more quality content that you have, the happier they are.

All of this content then in turn provides a significant amount of in roads to your website.

One topic may be of no relevance to a particular person, while the other may bring them right in.

Secondly, revolving content provides site visitors with a reason to return.

If you have a blog that contains quality, useful information, that is updated regularly. Visitors will have a reason to revisit your site.

This process of constantly revisiting a site will continue to reinforce your company and your brand in their mind.

Quality, useful content will begin to build trust and security in the mind of your visitors make you their most likely choice when it comes time to buy.


So these are five things that your website is missing that’s costing you big time.

Are these the only five?

Absolutely not, but they are a great place to start.

Most of the solutions in this article can be implement in little to no time and could provide you with the uptick in business you’ve been looking for.

We highly urge you to pick one, two or even all five and get your website performing optimally.