Background - different options for your website

It is the one thing on a website that can instantly change its look & feel. Sometimes you don’t even think about it, because content is king. However, if content is King, background is the castle. The king has to have someplace to rule right?

Why to go light-

Light does not have to mean white, but close to it. Lightness is a trend right now, it conveys minimal design. It’s seems effortless and will blend with anything you put on top of it.

Why to go dark-

As with light, dark does not have to mean black. Gray is trending and goes great with a lot of colors. If you put a very light colored type on a darker gray, it really stands out. It gives you the right amount of contrast without being too bold, like white on black can be.

Why to go texture-

Texture can be a way of adding something extra, without having to add color. It adds a sense of dimension and feel you sometimes don’t get with a plain background.

Why to go picture-

Using a picture can add vibrancy to a site that color and texture backgrounds cannot. It can really showcase your business and help you tell a story on your site.