Card Based Design - The Future of the Web

Cards are the design of the future. Also known as tiles, modules, portraits, etc, the name may be new, but the design style is here to stay.

What is This New Style?

Web Design Ledger gives a great answer.

Simply answered, cards are packages of interactive information, usually presented in the shape of a rectangle. Just like credit or baseball, web cards provide quick and related information in a condensed format.

Their hallmark is interactivity. Not only do they provide information, but they politely demand engagement, commonly including like buttons and other ways to post to social media.

The Trend

No doubt after that description you will notice how much this design style is already being used. Pinterest is probably the first website that comes to mind, but trust me every major site is starting to trend this way. You will see that Facebook, Twitter & Google are all moving in this direction.

Why Should I Use It?

This layout can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy specific functions. Here are some of the main reasons to introduce this design style:

  • Grab attention. They’re an exciting alternative to overly gratuitous text.
  • Responsive friendly. Designing for mobile browsers is a necessity, and this particular design style is great for responsive web design.
  • Digestible. Because of their limited space, this box style design can’t really say much. But that’s a good thing! Readers who want more can click to get it.
  • Shareable. It enable users to quickly and easily share bursts of content across social, mobile, and email platforms.

Open Canvas

This creative design style is opening up web design to all sorts of new creative possibilities. Who would have thought that to think outside the box we would have to put our designs in a box. Boxes that are responsive, customizable and have endless possibilities!

Want to see a great example?

Check out our design Happened -