Choosing a Color Scheme - Design Palette

If you go through the designs here at Archboard Media, you will notice a trend, we like to keep things simple. This especially goes for color schemes. Along with the layout, the color scheme is the backbone of a great website design.

If you look at websites from when the internet first started, they were bright and flashy. The internet was new and people wanted to stand out. Now with the internet oversaturated and technology more present, it’s more important to be clean and simple. You no longer need people to just get to your homepage, you need them to stay and explore your website. A simple color scheme that enhances the layout of your website can help make this happen. Here are some tips & tricks for choosing a color scheme for your website.

Keep it Light

In this case light does not necessarily mean light colors. It means less colors. Pick a few colors and stick with them. It will bring cohesiveness to your whole website. One of the best ways to do this is to simply pick a primary color for your website and then select just one accent color. You may choose to add a neutral color, like white, as it rarely conflicts with most color pallets.

Image Based

Another way to select your color scheme is to base it on a image. If your website has a large main image or graphic that is always on your homepage you can base your color scheme around it. Just choose two or three colors from it and there is your scheme. It will instantly make your site look cohesive.

Logo Based

Another great way to choose your color scheme is to base it on the colors of your logo. Your website colors do not have to use all the colors of your logo but maybe your accent color/link color could come from it. Just having one color match will add cohesiveness to your website.  

Warm & Cold

There are warm colors and there are cold colors. Certain industries tend to use warm or cold color schemes. For example, restaurants tend to use warm colors, while technology companies use cold colors. Do some research and see if businesses in your industry are using warm or cold colors.

Complimentary Colors

This way of choosing a color scheme really gets down to the basics. Choose colors that go together! The color wheel is an easy tool to help you with your color scheme.

Remember, the goal here is to have a website that not only complements you as a business or organization, but you also want to have a website that compliments itself. Selecting a well balanced, appropriate, color scheme can go a long way in making your website look complete.