Codrops - A Blog You Don't Want to Miss

Are you new to website design and development? Looking for that extra little spark of pizzazz to make your site stand out from all of the rest. Then Codrops is the place for you.

What is Codrops

"Codrops is an Web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities." - About Page This site is jam packed with loads of amazing articles and tutorials. Looking for a new and creative way to style your main navigation bar, they've got it. Need a unique way to transition your slideshows, they've got that too. You can find just about everything your looking for explained in the clearest, simplest terms possible so that it doesn't matter what skill level you are, you can learn.

Live Demo's

Tutorials and blogs are great educational tools, but sometimes it's just not enough. We get lost, things just don't seem to be lining up quite right. We'll they've covered that too. This site is full of live demo's showing the core concept of the tutorial along with a few possible variations so that you get exactly the feel your looking for. Text is great, but sometimes seeing it in action makes all the difference.

Even More Than That

Codrops doesn't simply stop at blogs and tutorials. This site also features "Blueprints" which they describe as "Collections of basic and minimal website concepts, components, plugins and layouts with minimal style for easy adaption and usage, or simply for inspiration." as well as, Collectives which are "The latest news and resources from the web design & web development community."

So the next time you find yourself a little stuck in the creative department, spend some time with this awesome, powerful, resources. It always sparks my creativity and I'm sure it will do the same for you.