Content - King of the Web

Having a good website is essential in today's fast paced, on the go society. People compare prices, book hotels and even find a place to eat based on the web. We are a digital people. With roughly 90% of American adults carrying the internet around in their pocket, an easy to use, mobile friendly, website becomes a vital part of your marketing. But what makes a great website? Is it design? Is it information? Over the next few articles we will dive in and discuss what separates a great website from all others.


Content will always be king of the web. After all, providing clients and potential clients with information is the whole purpose of a website. Content can be anything from the actual text on the page to the images you choose to use and, in certain cases, even the graphics used to develop the site. Content needs to be well structured and easy to find, it should be clear and concise and content should always be consistent in communicating your companies vision and mission. 


Well structured content is key to ensuring that individuals find exactly what they're looking for. Information about products and services do not logically fit on the About Us or Contact page, they belong in the Products or Services sections of your site. Confusing or misleading section headings and page titles only serve to frustrate site visitors who want information and want it now. It's always important to think, does this belong here, would this be better suited somewhere else and is this easy to find?


Content should be as concise as possible. Remember, people are looking for information. They may be on the go, visiting your site while in line at the checkout or grabbing a cup of coffee. However, being concise does not always mean being short. Educational sites or the history of a 50 year old company with a vast amount of accomplishments, may require a bit more length. However, being concise does mean not getting sidetracked. Keep the information you are presenting on point and on topic and you'll be just fine.

You'll find that content is infused into ever part of the website build and maintaining process. While we have only scratched the surface here in this article, as we progress you'll begin to see that content governs all other aspects of a website and as we discuss those topics such as Navigation, Design and Usability we will learn a great deal more about content in general.