Content Management Systems and You

Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, the list goes on. Many of us have heard these names tossed around and some of us have a rough idea of what they are and what their used for, while others have no idea. These are 3 of 63 PHP Content Management Systems, CMS for short, listed on Wikipedia. Now I know that probably doesn't help all that much in explaining what these CMS's are, but please, keep reading and by the end of this article you should have a pretty good idea of what they are and why they are great for you.

What is a CMS

Content Management Systems, at least the one's were discussing here, are designed to, well, manage the content of a website. It really is that simple. The CMS's were discussing here use PHP, a server side scripting language, to store information related to each piece of content on your website in database tables and then display that information at the appropriate time. You as the user typically communicate with this process, change/add/delete content, through some sort of User Interface (UI). This makes the entire process as easy as using a text editor or upload field. The background processes, written in PHP, then take care of making sure that everything makes it to where it should and is displayed when it's called upon. 

How it Benefits Me

This benefits you, the user, in several ways. First and foremost, you are able to maintain the content of your website yourself. Some companies charge fees to post new content, correct spelling mistakes and so on. Since your taking care off all that you no longer need to pay additional fees to have it done. Secondly, since you are maintaining the site, the information you want to add can be added immediately. You no longer wait until someone has the time to update your site for you. Mistakes can be corrected on the fly, new/better photos can be swapped out to replace the old ones. CMS's give you complete control over your content. Finally, most CMS's allow administrators to set permissions on the site. This means that you have enough control over your site to do what you need to do, but not enough to potentially do damage to it. You can also have user's on your site who can only perform certain actions such as blogging or downloading files. Content Management Systems truly put you in control of your site, as you should be.

Here at Archboard all of our sites are built using the Drupal platform. There are many reasons for this that we will not cover here and now, however, know that when you get a site from us, you get a site that you are in control of and we are here to help you along the way and that's always free!