Content Writing - I Wish I Had the Time

It's no secret that Google loves revolving content. That's why every site we build comes with some sort of blog/news feed and why we encourage all of our clients to use it and use it often. Blogging, tagging and keyword content creation can often be one of the quickest and easiest way to move your site up in Google's search results, but here lies a major problem.

The Problem

As business owners we know the importance of our business moving up in Google's search results. We also know the role revolving content plays in this process. However, the problem that most of us face is that we just don't have the time to do it. Picking a topic, selecting keywords, writing the article and checking to make sure it fits with our marketing strategy, it all takes time. With so many other things, like the rest of your business, on your mind, it can be difficult to find any time at all to create content.

The Solution

At Archboard we understand the problems that companies face in regards to content creation and have come up with a simple solution. Creating revolving content has never been easier with our all new Copywriting Packages. All you need is a topic and a few bullet points and you can consider your article or blog post done. Every article is crafted to fit within your current marketing strategy and is keyword and SEO optimized. If your site is built by Archboard, we will even schedule and post your blogs/articles for you at absolutely no additional cost. With solutions for businesses of any size we know there will be a perfect fit for you. Contact us today and start transforming your copy!