The Ever Changing Gallery & the Latest Trends

The gallery or slideshow is one of the most popular features on websites today. There is most likely one in some shape or form on almost every site you visit. Why, you make ask. Well because they are becoming more and more dynamic and bring a sense of interactivity. Also, if done right they can be down right gorgeous.

You are going to probably want a gallery on your site, they are becoming a standard of web design. The question is what kind should you use? I am going to give you some examples of different slideshow options from some of our very own Archboard Designs.

Kitty Hawk

This design features a slideshow of just pictures. It is simple but elegant. It features previews of the pictures at the top of the site to go along with the circle theme which is a nice touch. The really cool thing about this gallery is that the pictures serve as links to your inside site pages. Even though it does not have any copy is it still very functional and is a great type of slideshow for any site!

View Kitty Hawk


This is a trend in itself, full page pictures are super popular right now. They make your site feel very clean & simple and is very user friendly. Petal has a full page slideshow that takes up almost the entire homepage. It’s simple, it leaves room for a little description for each picture and then menu. What more do you need?

View Petal


Our newest design features a static slideshow. It doesn't seem to move off the page like in Petal, instead it get’s replaced with a new image and a little text to go with it. This movement gives it a very sleek effect. It is stupid simple and very user friendly. It is one of my personal favorite types of slideshows.

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