Give Your Website a Little Space

Your website will be glad you did. White or negative space is essential to design. Sometimes you don’t realize it is there. But when there is too much or too little it is painfully noticeable. Here are a few tips to get your website layed out just right.


Keeping things even will give you the right kind of room. It is hard because there are many things on your website and all of them might not be the same size. It is easy to keep pictures the same size, but what about copy, links, etc… You can still keep symmetry in color/contrast & weight. If you have light pictures maybe contrast it with some dark or bold type. Also keep things even, do not put everything at the top of your site and nothing at the bottom. Keep in balanced. Even though it may not be perfectly symmetrical, it will give the illusion of it. Thus giving a sense of spacial purpose. 


This goes hand in hand with symmetry. The best practice would be to keep like things the same size. Photos, fonts etc… It gives it a nice look when all the headings, body text, etc.. all match in font size. Another thing that will help is line spacing. With screens now a days being so sharp and crisp make sure the line spacing on your font’s is enough but not too much. If you match the font size or even a point up you should be fine.


Do not put too many things on your website, especially not your homepage. You can have as many interior pages as you want, but leave your homepage spaced out with the most relevant content. Less is more! You have to leave room for space for there to be any.