Jim Hoagland Helps Rescue Family at Cleveland Zoo

Here at Archboard Media we love to support our local community. We love it even more when our local community supports each other. The following article tells the story of a Massillon local and his not so usual trip to the Zoo.

Family Rescue

On Saturday, April 11th, the Hoagland family was enjoying a beautiful spring day at the Cleveland Zoo.  While sitting on a bench near the Cheetah Exhibit waiting for the other part of their group to catch up, they suddenly heard cries for help. A mother had unsafely lifted her two-year-old son up, dangling him over the top of the barrier and he fell into the Cheetah Exhibit.  Both parents jumped in to rescue their son.  Now all three were trapped in the exhibit with two live cheetahs.  Jim Hoagland and other zoo guests ran over to the scene. The boy’s father reached him up to another zoo guest and then Jim pulled the parents up the 10-12 foot pit wall to safety.  Jim is the husband of Julie Hoagland, who is on staff at First Baptist Church as one of our Nursery Attendants and she is also our Children’s Center cook.  Way to go Jim; we are so proud of you!

Jim said, “I was just relieved that no one got seriously hurt from the fall or injured by the cheetahs.” The little boy, did sustain a broken leg from the fall.

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Picture: Jim & Julie Hoagland

Article Provided By: Wendy Blanda -  First Baptist Church Massillon, Oh