Logo Design - How to get Website Ready

We all know know that the web is here, here to stay & growing everyday. It is intertwined with our lives and businesses. As a business you most likely have had or are currently evaluating how to grow your business with the web. The first step is obviously to get a website, but what next? An important thing that is seems to get overlooked is how your business’s logo looks on the web. Your logo is one of the most important things, it is your identity. On the web identity is everything, with it’s ever changing trends and looks. Is your logo web ready?

We at Archboard Media believe a good logo drives a good looking website. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your current logo web ready or creating a new logo with the web in mind.


The web likes a balance of structure and flow. Your logo layout will bring that to your website. Try to layout your logo with an invisible square or rectangle in mind. You can be free flowing in that box but try not to go out of it. Your logo needs to fit with the content of your site. You could run into challenges if your logo is odly layed out.

Keep It Simple.

This might be the most important part of this article. Simplicity stands out. Simple things that look good catch people’s eyes on the web. If your logo is too cluttered/busy it will get over looked. Minimal is “in” right now, so why not jump on the bandwagon?


Keep true to your company’s standards but there are some awesome new fonts out there that look great online and in print! Sans Serif fonts are very popular right now, but also a nice modern script can stand out!


One thing to keep in mind with color is that everyone’s screen is calibrated differently. So some colors might not show up how you want them too. The best advice is again to keep it simple. Try to keep your logos to around 3 colors. It keeps it simple and leaves you room to play around.