Making Your Brand Identity Web Ready

Your brand identity is your business. It is how people know, recognize and remember you. It's something that takes a long time to build and is an ongoing process that should never really be completed. It's imortant to make sure that your identity flows through all parts of your company, not just some of it. Therefore, you want to make sure your website matches the identity you worked so hard to create. I will give you a few tips to help you transitions your brand to the web.


As we discussed in a previous article (found here), make your logo web ready. You want to make sure your logo shows up sharp on your website and is big enough for users to see immediately when they visit. Instantly identifying your business.


This is pretty straightforward, if your business has specific colors, use those on your website. Now there are some exceptions, if you have really bright and loud colors then maybe use them as a accent color or use a variation of the color that is not as bright.


Take a look at all of the documents you put out as a business, newsletters, invoices, menus, etc… Look for a common themes and maybe use those as inspiration for how your website looks/is laid out.


Just like color, are there specific fonts you use as a business? Does your logo use a specific font? Most likely the answer to those questions is yes. So, you will want to incorporate those fonts on to your website, whether as your main font or a headline font.

These are just some quick and easy ways to make sure your brand identity is web ready!