Photos - The right way to use them

To use or not to use? That is one of many questions you may ask when it come to photos and websites. It is one thing that you probably don't think about when it comes to website design. You go to a website and it works, there may be pictures, there may not be. But they are integrated so you don't think twice about how they got there or why they are placed where they are. Here are some tips about choosing the right photos and putting them in the right places.


One thing that you definitely want is to have your pictures be crisp and clean on your site. 300 ppi (pixels per inch) is a must, while they also have to be the right size. Example: You want a picture to go across your whole site, about 1280 px across. You find a awesome one that is 300 ppi, but it it only 100X100 pixels. It might look fine if you are using that picture at 100px, but it needs to be 1280px. Stretched  it will look blurry, even though it's 300 ppi. So when you find that perfect photo, check both size and resolution!

Color Mode.

What color mode is used for web design? if you said RGB you would be correct. All computers, phones, etc... display colors in RGB mode. Make sure your pictures are in that mode. It's a simple thing to check, and could make a big difference in the appearance of your photos online.


There are so many different ways you can arrange pictures on the web, however it does not mean that all those ways are good ways. Less is more & symmetry is key. If your website has a lot of pictures, it is going to run slow, it has to have time to load all of them. Also, having different sized pictures together, can throw off the look and usability of your site. However if you need to show off products, etc..., make them small and uniform, the size will keep your site running smoothly and the uniformity will only add to your site's look.  The full across big picture on a website's homepage is really "in" right now, but try and think outside of the box. A simple change in width and height can transform a look.