Social Media Marketing Secrets and Insights

In order to properly discuss Social Media Marketing and how to effectively leverage it’s power we need to forget, for the moment at least, that most of these networks offer Pay-Per-Click PPC solutions.

The concepts and principles discussed in our last article “Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101 The Basics” will apply to these networks PPC offerings.

Social Media Marketing is far too powerful and in-depth to simply boil it down to just another PPC outlet.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

It’s important to note the true goal of social media marketing as it will affect everything we do to leverage it.

The goal is not more Facebook or Twitter followers, it’s not more YouTube video plays, it’s website traffic.

You may be asking yourself, why is this? Aren’t more followers, more plays and more likes a good thing?

The answer is yes, however, those aspects only serve to better help you in ascertaining your real goal.

More followers equals more opportunity for website visits, but more on that in a moment.

Why do we push for traffic?

If we think about things logically for a moment we will realize that we have very little control over a user's experience on any social network.

Yes, we have some influence over the content they may see, but realistically we have no control over how an individual interacts with Facebook.

The way that you and I navigate from page to page, the things we see and the way we see them are all determined by those in control of the network.

We are simply participants in the experience.

Your website on the other hand, is completely within your control. Decisions about how users can interact with your site and the content they see there is 100% in your control.

That is why we push for traffic and that’s the idea behind social media marketing.

Leverage the power and contact lists of these networks to move people from that network where we have little control to our website where we have complete control.

How to convert Fans into Potential Customers

The process of converting site visitors into paying customers is the topic of our next article all about Content and Inbound Marketing.

For now, we are going to take a look at the process of moving people from the Social Media network of your choosing into website visitors.

Grow your following

First and foremost, social media marketing is useless without a following of some sort.

I know we said that followers are not the goal but without them you have no one to market to.

There are plenty of articles written on the subject of growing your following and I suggest you dig around and check some of them out.

In our first article I made the statement:

“We are firm believers that Social Media, while great for client retention, is not the best channel for new client aquisition.”

And I still stand behind that statement. Notice, I did not say is not a channel for new client acquisition, just that it’s more than likely not going to be your go to for new business.


It comes down to your following. They call these “Social” networks for a reason.

In our own live we generally don’t go around socializing deeply with people we don’t know and more importantly, don’t trust.

Social Media Marketing works off the same principle. In order to get a valuable like or follow, it needs to be someone who truly likes and wishes to follow your company.

Even if they have never seen your business before, they will most likely do some investigation, albeit minor, prior to giving you that coveted like.

Having a large following of bots and duds is going to get you no closer to the actual goal you're trying to achieve here.

Having a following of people interested in your business, either from past experience or their own investigation is what you want.

At the end of the day, it’s quality over quantity that you want.

What to post... what to post…

If you’re thinking that every post should contain links to your product pages. STOP!

Remember that all marketing is about a human-to-human relationship.

People don’t want to hear about you and only you all the time. Eventually, this will break down even the strongest of relationships.

What your followers really care about is themselves. <- Bad selfish followers.

Realistically if they could accomplish their goals themselves without having to pay you, they would and that’s ok. They can’t and they still need you.

Our goal is to offer quality content, that can help them get one step closer to their goals, without actually giving away everything.

Small how to articles and videos, whitepapers or other market research and yes even funny cat photos from time to time.

Here we are nurturing the relationships we have with our potential visitors.

If enough trust is built, when you post that article you wrote or that link to your great new product they can’t live without, they’ll visit.

The idea, in its simplest form, is to post things that are beneficial to your following as well as useful for growing and nurturing your relationship.

The Goal is Achieved

I have a great new eBook about increasing your website traffic and I want you to have it. 

But how do I get that into the hands of my followers?

I post.

Website Checklist

There are a few things my post needs to have:

  • A description of how beneficial this new eBook is going to be to my followers. Not how great I think it is. Not how much this new product will cost. How beneficial it will be to them.
  • Hashtags. If the network allows them, use them, they will only extend your reach.
  • A link to the product itself. Without a link to the actual page which contains information about how they can get their hands on this new eBook, my post is useless in accomplishing my main goal of website traffic.

That’s it! It really is that simple.

I could add an image or video to this post as rich media increases the likelihood of my post being seen and interacted with, but this is all I need.

Because I’ve done the legwork on the front end of nurturing my human-to-human relationships, it will pay off on the backend.

If my book is really great and the description I’ve entered in my post is compelling, funny or just downright great, another crazy thing will happen. Your followers will share your post.

This share does a couple of amazing things.

It qualifies beyond your capabilities:

A share from a follower is far more powerful than anything you could ever post.

I trust the companies I shop with, otherwise I wouldn’t shop with them.

But, my wife, my family and all of my closest friends, you better believe I trust them far more than I would ever trust a business.

It extends your reach

Odds are not everyone following your followers follows you.

By them sharing your post you can reach a whole new, untapped, audience.


  • Social Media Marketing is not about follows, shares or likes. It’s about website traffic. Getting individuals from a place you have little control over, to one you have complete control of.
  • A quality following is one filled with individuals who know and trust you. This type of following is more likely to interact with you and accomplish your real goal.
  • All marketing is about a human-to-human relationship. Posts need to offer more than just information about you and your offerings. They need to be beneficial to your following and applicable to their lives.
  • When you post about yourself, make it about them. How will this benefit my followers. If they trust you enough, they will follow through. If your offering is good enough they will share.

We hope that you’ve gained some insight into the world of social media marketing and into some of its best practices.

That being said, we would love to have you follow us on one of our social networks! You can find our links at the bottom of this page.