Why Blog - A Different Take On Blogging

If you search Google you can find a whole mess of articles discussing all the reasons you as an organization or individual, should be blogging. I wouldn't say that all of the reasons posted on the subject are viable, it is the internet, however I will say that a vast majority of them are. Everything from "Becoming a better writer" to "SEO Enhancements" are listed as reasons to blog and guess what? They're right. As you blog and exercise your writing ability, naturally you should become a better writer. We have discussed in past articles the SEO implications of writing great revolving content. If you haven't read that article yet you can find it here. In this article we are not going to be discussing the SEO or self improvement reasons for blogging. 

Over the course of our last few articles we have been discussing the concept of branding and its importance for your organization. We've covered everything from your brands message to its governing documents. By now we know, at least in its simplest form, that branding is really all about defining your niche in the marketplace. So what does that have to do with blogging? Well, everything.

Communication Is Key

Organizations who don't advertise, don't really speak. If your message is not out there for the world to see then you're not really saying much. This problem is compounded ten fold if you also lack any form of web presence, website, social media, etc. If your company has not grown to the point of having a sustainable advertising budget, blogging can be a great way to get your message out there. Yes, with little to no advertising budget getting your blog out there may be a bit tricky (tricky, but very atainable) and it will provide you with a platform on which you can stand to speak your message.

If your company has grown to the point where it has a stable advertising budget or you've become a recognizable figure in the marketplace you can stop blogging right? Absolutely not. Blogging is still a solid, unlimited, means by which you can communicate your message. Don't confuse unlimited for its "numberless" definition. In your blog you are not bound to a 30 second or less T.V. spot, a outdated paper ad or someone else, a previous client perhaps, sharing your message for you. Blogging allows for a limitless means by which you can communicate with the world.

Communication - Building Rapport

Almost hand in hand with the above, blogging gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with your potential and existing clients. Many blogs have open comment sections to allow users to respond to what was discussed in the article (a solution that may or may not work for your company). Others provide clear calls to action encouraging site visitors to take the next step. An important thing to remember is that a good conversation should never be one-sided. Providing a way for site visitors to respond to you begins the process of a successful conversation and the solid beginnings of a great "friendship." Remember building a good rapport with people is not convincing everyone that they should like you. It's about trust, allowing others to share their thoughts and being there to help with any questions or concerns they may have. Blogs about your company can build trust the first while FAQ style blogs take care of the questions.

SEO Enhancements

Does blogging increase your SEO? Absolutely it does. Does it provide more entry points to your website? Sure it does. And yes it also builds your following and increases your ability to make some money. That said, I feel there is a great divide between the information provided about blogging and one of its core, foundational, purposes; communication. If you're not typing anything worth reading you won't build a following, make money or any of the other things described in the countless "why I should blog" articles on the internet. So are they right? Yes, but only half way. Why should you blog? Because your message is important, your brand is important and your clients/potential clients are important. Blog because you want them to know how important they all are.

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