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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

Unhappy with the amount of traffic your website is receiving?

Try implementing any, or all, of the following strategies to boost your traffic and land more deals.

You’re not advertising

There’s a common misconception in the web world they if you have a website people will find it and you’ll be flooded with traffic.

Unfortunately, this could not be farther from the truth.

People typically do not just stumble onto your website. (There is some validity to people actually doing this but we’ll tackle this in the third heading).

5 Signs Your Website Needs Work

In our last article we discussed “5 Things Your Website is Missing That's Costing You Big Time.

This time around I’d like to discuss 5 signs your website needs a little work.

You may actually have a great looking website with awesome navigation.

Your content may be fantastic and super informative.

Even if you’re hitting all the target points that a website must have, there are still a few things you may not be aware of that could improve the overall performance of your site.

5 Things Your Website is Missing That's Costing You Big Time

2016 brought about a major push in SEO, content marketing and lead generation. Tools like Leadpages, Facebook Advertising and countless other platforms took the forefront and everyone became their own marketing specialist.

While these tools have drastically simplified the process of customer acquisition I must ask the vital question, “Have you been paying attention to your website?”

Email Marketing Best Practices - Email Your Next Sale!

Email marketing is by no means dead.

That being said the way in which we approach an email marketing campaign has changed drastically.

Blind email campaigns just don’t see the type of ROI they used to.

This is because recipients have become hyper aware of spam and our schedules are so full we just don’t have time to read a bunch of emails we didn’t ask to receive.

It doesn’t matter if your offer is great or even life changing, if it’s unexpected it’s most likely going to be deleted.

Don’t allow your efforts to end up in the trash!

Social Media Marketing Secrets and Insights

In order to properly discuss Social Media Marketing and how to effectively leverage it’s power we need to forget, for the moment at least, that most of these networks offer Pay-Per-Click PPC solutions.

The concepts and principles discussed in our last article “Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101 The Basics” will apply to these networks PPC offerings.

Social Media Marketing is far too powerful and in-depth to simply boil it down to just another PPC outlet.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101 The Basics

The old saying “You have to spend money to make money” could not be more true in the world of digital marketing.

There is a common myth that if you have a great product and build a fantastic website people will just find and buy what you’re offering.

As much as I wish this myth were true, it could not be farther from the truth.

There are a lot of companies out there promising front page Google search results through SEO in a matter of weeks, some even days!

Truth is that it takes about 4 to 6 months to start seeing real results from your SEO efforts.

The Power of Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisition

In the past you had four major channels with just a few massive hit shows amongst them and these were your marketing channels.

By running a commercial during a few shows, you could reach 80 to 90 percent of your target audience.

But things have changed. The rise of the web has dramatically transformed our marketing opportunities.

The web is everywhere. On our laps, in our hands and even on our wrists.

You no longer have to catch consumers at primetime. You can catch them anytime, throughout their day, on any device.

How to write emails people actually want to read

In our last article we discussed How to create awesome email subject lines that get results.

However, getting your email opened is only half the battle.

If your email is immediately deleted after it’s opened, you’re no better off than had the email not been opened at all.

Here are some tips for composing great emails that captivate and motivate your readers.

Valuable Content

One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is not including any value in the email.

Content should be something the recipient will actually want or be able to use.

How to create awesome email subject lines that get results

We all know the importance of making a great first impression.

Within seconds of meeting someone we are evaluated and opinions are formed about us based on our appearance, body language, demeanor, etc.

These first impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse, making them extremely important, as they set the tone for all future interactions.

In the same way, our email subject lines afford us the opportunity to make a great first impression. Sometimes it’s the only impression we get.