Content Creation

Why Blog - A Different Take On Blogging

If you search Google you can find a whole mess of articles discussing all the reasons you as an organization or individual, should be blogging. I wouldn't say that all of the reasons posted on the subject are viable, it is the internet, however I will say that a vast majority of them are. Everything from "Becoming a better writer" to "SEO Enhancements" are listed as reasons to blog and guess what? They're right. As you blog and exercise your writing ability, naturally you should become a better writer.

URL Structure Best Practices

Often times we don't pay a lot of attention to them. We follow the links on the page and most times, we end up right where we wanted to be. However, a disjointed structure can cause a lot of problems. So what are we talking about? None other than URL's. So why are they so important and how much impact do they really have on your site? Let's take a look.

Content Writing - I Wish I Had the Time

It's no secret that Google loves revolving content. That's why every site we build comes with some sort of blog/news feed and why we encourage all of our clients to use it and use it often. Blogging, tagging and keyword content creation can often be one of the quickest and easiest way to move your site up in Google's search results, but here lies a major problem.

Content Management Systems and You

Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, the list goes on. Many of us have heard these names tossed around and some of us have a rough idea of what they are and what their used for, while others have no idea. These are 3 of 63 PHP Content Management Systems, CMS for short, listed on Wikipedia. Now I know that probably doesn't help all that much in explaining what these CMS's are, but please, keep reading and by the end of this article you should have a pretty good idea of what they are and why they are great for you.

Website Navigation - Navigating the Web

In the early days of the internet, websites' homepages were jammed full of information. Everything you could ever want to learn about a company was right there on one page. Headers, sidebars and other random content regions were tightly compressed into this one page. It was almost like trying to figure out a puzzle just to find the actual information you were looking for. As the internet grew, sites began to change drastically and other than a handful of sites that have not been updated in many years, most sites do not resemble sites of the early 1990's... thankfully.

Bloggers Remorse - The Endless Rabbit Trail

Last night I was reading a fantastic article by Tim Hickle called "7 REASONS MIMICKING BUZZFEED WILL DESTROY YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY (NUMBER 4 WILL SHOCK YOU!!)," feel free to read that one after you finish up here. While his article mainly focused on why you shouldn't model your content strategy after click baiting sites such as BuzzFeed, it got me thinking about content as a whole and its true purpose on a website.

Content - King of the Web

Having a good website is essential in today's fast paced, on the go society. People compare prices, book hotels and even find a place to eat based on the web. We are a digital people. With roughly 90% of American adults carrying the internet around in their pocket, an easy to use, mobile friendly, website becomes a vital part of your marketing. But what makes a great website? Is it design? Is it information? Over the next few articles we will dive in and discuss what separates a great website from all others.