Email Marketing Best Practices - Email Your Next Sale!

Email marketing is by no means dead.

That being said the way in which we approach an email marketing campaign has changed drastically.

Blind email campaigns just don’t see the type of ROI they used to.

This is because recipients have become hyper aware of spam and our schedules are so full we just don’t have time to read a bunch of emails we didn’t ask to receive.

It doesn’t matter if your offer is great or even life changing, if it’s unexpected it’s most likely going to be deleted.

Don’t allow your efforts to end up in the trash!

Social Media Marketing Secrets and Insights

In order to properly discuss Social Media Marketing and how to effectively leverage it’s power we need to forget, for the moment at least, that most of these networks offer Pay-Per-Click PPC solutions.

The concepts and principles discussed in our last article “Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101 The Basics” will apply to these networks PPC offerings.

Social Media Marketing is far too powerful and in-depth to simply boil it down to just another PPC outlet.

The Power of Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisition

In the past you had four major channels with just a few massive hit shows amongst them and these were your marketing channels.

By running a commercial during a few shows, you could reach 80 to 90 percent of your target audience.

But things have changed. The rise of the web has dramatically transformed our marketing opportunities.

The web is everywhere. On our laps, in our hands and even on our wrists.

You no longer have to catch consumers at primetime. You can catch them anytime, throughout their day, on any device.

5 Massive Sales Mistakes Your Company May Be Making

Companies are becoming more and more customer centric. Why? Because the culture of purchasing has changed drastically over the last few years. We no longer live in a quality vs price society. We focus more on brand identification, solutions and our place within a "tribe" of consumers. Therefore, the old ways of selling are no longer applicable in todays marketplace. 

I'd like to take a look at 5 Massive Sales Mistakes Your Company May Be Making to help you avoid these mega pitfalls and create a successful sales department.